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Rail Type Chain Saws

The rail type chain saws are the most basic type, whose rails are placed on the surface of mining ore body and are used alternately to go forward. Each machine can be designed to have two working modes - vertical and horizontal cutting, which is suitable for a wide range of marble mines with high mining efficiency.

Crawler Type Chain Saws

Crawler type chain saws are the enhanced one of orbital-type chain saws. The feature of the machine is that it is equipped with a pedrail which can move conveniently and flexibly. The machine does not need to cooperate with other hoisting machinery moving track, suitable for outdoor use in mines.

Underground Mining Chain Saws

The underground mining chain saws do not need to do the large-scale stripping skin and mountain earth. It can mine the finest marble resources directly. Less land acquisition and trees cutting, less slag and gravel, low cost of slagging and vegetation restoration. Fast exploitation, good appearance of blocks, high blocks yield. High production efficiency, it is not affected by the weather, day and night time, and it can control the mining speed progress, and has higher mining efficiency and benefit in the late stage when expanding to the left, right and downwardsides. Low comprehensive cost, good long-term benefits, low risks.

Backhoe Chain Saw

The LZ-CS3400 backhoe chain saw is consists of chain arm cutting system and a backhoe, mainly used for cutting large blocks and cutting strip ore belt in mines. Its features are; 1. This machine is powered by the diesel engine of the wheel loader, which can work independently without external power supply. 2.Mining operators work in the sealed cab in a friendly and safe working environment. 3.The machine can move fast and operate conveniently with high efficiency.

Accessories - holders and cutting tips

Tooth holder and square widia bit(8 pc/set) Tooth holder and square PCD bit(10 pc/set) Tooth holder and circle PCD bit(10 pc/set)

Accessories - chains and sprockets

ZHONGZHU 20mm thick chains, 22mm thick chains, Chains for FANTINI, BENETTI & DAZZINI machines, ZHONGZHU 8 teech and 9 teech sprockets. Sprockets for FANTINI, BENETTI & DAZZINI machines,

Accessories - arm and rail parts

Chain Arm Parts: Chain Arm Head Core Shaft, Chain Arm Head Bearing, Chain Arm Head Guide Wheel, Chain Arm Head Side Plate, Chain Arm Tightening Screw, Chain Arm Baffle, Chain Arm Wear-resistant Strip Track Parts: Track Tightening Screw, Tightening Screw Pin Shaft, Track Location Pin, Guide Wheel, Track Leveling Screw, Walking Wheel, Walking Gear Lubricating grease system parts: lubricating oil distributor, lubricating oil filter, lubricating oil filter element, hydraulic butter pump, lubricating oil pipe, lubricating oil pressure gauge

Accessories - hydraulic and electrical components

Hydraulic components: manual valve, speed regulating valve, pressure measuring tube, temperature controller, oil suction filter element, air filter element, oil return filter element, solenoid valve, pressure gauge, push-pull flexible shaft Electrical components: selection button, start button, stop button, emergency stop button, temperature control table, phase sequence relay, fan contactor, hydraulic motor circuit breaker, hydraulic motor contactor, intermediate relay, thermal relay, switching power supply, transformer contactor, main circuit breaker, main motor contactor, speedometer, chain pressure Force Meter, Transformer, Speed Measuring Switch, 24V Circuit Breaker, Power Plug and Socket